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Graphics Device Context. More...

#include <libemf.h>

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Public Member Functions

 METAFILEDEVICECONTEXT (FILE *fp_, const RECT *size, LPCWSTR description_w)
OBJECTTYPE getType (void) const
DWORD nextHandle (void)
void clearHandle (DWORD handle)
void appendRecord (METARECORD *record)
void appendHandle (METARECORD *record)
void deleteMetafile (void)
void mergePoint (const LONG &x, const LONG &y)
void mergePoint (const POINT &p)

Public Attributes

::FILE * fp
std::vector< EMF::METARECORD * > records
SIZEL resolution
 The resolution in DPI of the *reference* DC.
SIZEL viewport_ext
 The extent of the viewport.
POINT viewport_org
 The origin of the viewport.
SIZEL window_ext
 The extent of the window.
POINT window_org
 The origin of the window.
bool update_frame
 Update the frame automatically?
POINT min_device_point
 The lft/top-most painted point in device units.
POINT max_device_point
 The rgt/btm-most painted point in device units.
POINT point
 The current point.
 The current pen.
 The current brush.
 The current font.
 The current palette.
UINT text_alignment
 The current text alignment.
COLORREF text_color
 The current text foreground color.
COLORREF bk_color
 The current background color.
INT bk_mode
 The current background mode.
INT polyfill_mode
 The current polygon fill mode.
INT map_mode
 The current mapping mode.
FLOAT miter_limit
 The current miter length limit.
std::vector< bool > handles
std::map< HGDIOBJ, HGDIOBJ > emf_handles

Detailed Description

Graphics Device Context.

Almost all GDI graphics calls require a device context (except those which create graphics objects such as pens and fonts). This is a specific context which renders to a metafile. There is a one-to-one correspondence between the device context and the metafile.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

const RECT *  size,
LPCWSTR  description_w 
) [inline]

Most graphics programs seem to want to handle the opening and closing of files themselves, so this is an extension to the w32 interface.

fp_stdio pointer to an open file. May be null.
sizethe rectangle describing the position and size of the metafile on the "page". May be null.
description_wa UNICODE string describing the metafile. The format must be "some text\0some more text\0\0". May be null.

Destructor frees all the graphics objects which may have been allocated. Now, it also frees any metarecords which it might hold, too.

Member Function Documentation

Add this record to the metafile.

recordthis record is an object so it increments the handle count as well.

Add this record to the metafile.

recordstandard graphics record
void EMF::METAFILEDEVICECONTEXT::clearHandle ( DWORD  handle) [inline]

Clear the usage of this handle

Delete all the records from the metafile. This would seem to include deleting the header record as well.

OBJECTTYPE EMF::METAFILEDEVICECONTEXT::getType ( void  ) const [inline, virtual]

Return the type of this object (could probably do better with RTTI()).

Implements EMF::OBJECT.

void EMF::METAFILEDEVICECONTEXT::mergePoint ( const LONG &  x,
const LONG &  y 
) [inline]

Somewhat superfluous, except checker doesn't understand the initialization of automatic structures in the declaration.

void EMF::METAFILEDEVICECONTEXT::mergePoint ( const POINT &  p) [inline]

Take the given point and determine if it enlarges the "painted" area of the device.

DWORD EMF::METAFILEDEVICECONTEXT::nextHandle ( void  ) [inline]

Scan the bit vector of used handles and return the index of the first free bit as this objects metafile handle.

Member Data Documentation

All i/o to the metafile is wrapped by this class so that byte swapping on big-endian machines is transparent.


This map holds the *current* mapping between EMF handles and global object handles as a metafile is played back (with PlayEnhMetaFile).

If it is a file-based metafile, then this pointer is not null.

For compatibility, it appears that metafile handles are reused as objects are deleted. Attempt to emulate that behavior with a bit vector of used metafile handles.

Serves double duty as the physical device description.

All of the metafile records are stored in memory.

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